DGP Message

I feel immensely honoured and privileged to have been entrusted to lead the Mizoram Police as its Director General of Police.

As the Mizoram Police enters its Golden Jubilee year, with a legacy defined by the ethos of sincerity, dedication and devotion to duty, it has truly earned the image of being an efficient and public friendly force. We intend to further enrich this legacy by adding in the quest for excellence in all our pursuits in the years to come.

While the maintenance of public order and prevention and detection of crime would continue to be the raison d’etre for the force, special emphasis shall be laid upon safety and security of women and children, eradication of substance abuse, cyber-security and containing white-collar crimes. These challenges shall be conquered by adopting pro-active, technology-driven and community-based approaches.

We aspire to establish free and open communications with every section of the society, that we serve. Mizoram Police will work in tandem with grass-root leaders and vibrant civil society organizations towards achieving its objectives of a crime-free, peaceful and secure Mizoram.

Within the Police organization, we shall bring in new synergy and dynamism in human resource management, capacity building, professionalism, technology up-gradation and career progression. In the context of the trying and difficult circumstances and situations, in which our police personnel and their family work and live, their mental, physical and psychological well-being shall be given the due priority.

To the culturally rich, highly educated, peace-loving and patriotic people of Mizoram, I hereby assure that we, the Mizoram Police, will leave no stone unturned in cementing the public trust so that we become equal partners on the journey of making our Mizoram the crown jewel of North-East India. It is my firm belief that Mizoram Police will receive your full cooperation in our common endeavour.

Last but not the least, I appeal to the vibrant youth of our State to engage with us by offering their energy, understanding and insights as we move to tackle the social handicaps of substance abuse and other problems being faced by the people of Mizoram. I am convinced that by joining hands, Mizoram Police and the youth that it serves, can together take this beautiful and serene land of the Hill People to its zenith of peace and prosperity.

Director General of Police