Say No to Drugs First Time & Everytime

To "Just Say No" to drugs and alcohol, one must have a reason and that reason must be that there are more interesting activities to choose from. It also helps to have an answer to peers who may offer these substances to you.


  • Drugs and Alcohol mess up your mind. (Damdawi leh zu hian i thluak a tibuai thei)
  • Drugs and Alcohol mess up your body. (Damdawi leh zu hian I taksa a tichhe thei)
  • Drugs and Alcohol are a waste of money. (Damdawi leh zu hi sum khawhralna mai ani)
  • Drugs and Alcohol can be Addicting. (Damdawi leh zu hi a ngawl vei theih ani)
  • They increase crimes in your neighbourhood. (Damdawi leh zu te hian I thenawm velah pawi khawihna a thlen)
  • Drugs and Alcohol users hurt other people. (Damdawi leh zu in thin ten midang te an tina thin )
  • Drugs and Alcohol can kill you. (Damdawi leh zu hian a tihlum thei che)
  • Drugs and Alcohol users do poorly in School. (Damdawi leh zu in thin te chu zirna ah an hnufual thin)
  • If you get caught with them, you’ll go to jail. (An zinga man I nih ve chuan jail ah dah I ni ang.)


  • Play for Keeps. Win for Life. (Rim takin thawk la, i nunah hnehna chang rawh.)
  • Be yourself, be confident. (I nih dan ang khan in ringtawk rawh.)
  • One bad choice leads to another. (duhthlanna diklo hian adang a hril.)
  • Earn better grades, ensure a brighter future. (Hma hun eng tak i neih nan tha takin thawk rawh.)
  • Be happier and more content. (I chantawk ah lungawi la, hlim rawh.)
  • Be free and independent. (Tumah rinchhan nei lovin zalen takin awm rawh.)
  • Sleep sound, improve memory. (Tui takin muhil la, i hriatna te hma sawn tir rawh.)
  • Feel healthier, more fit. (Hrisel takin awm la, in sawizawi thin rawh.)
  • Save money. (I sum leh pai ren rawh.)
  • Look your best. (Tha thei ang ber a lan tum rawh.)


Police department can effectively protect life and property with the support of the citizens it serves. We urge to use the same standard when assisting us to nab/detect drug peddlers and prevent the smuggling, selling of Heroin, Chars, Ganja, Smack, Poppy Husk, Opium and Synthetics drugs etc.

People can register complain regarding drugs and other intoxicants on Lawngtlai Police contact number - 03835-232245 / 9436195328.