Launching of Lawngtlai District Police Forensic Team

As there is only one Forensic Science Laboratory in Mizoram Aizawl, it has been observed that in the cases where Forensic Teams are required for lifting and collecting forensic evidence from the crime scene, it becomes very difficult for the forensic team to come all the way to a distant place like Lawngtlai. Therefore it was felt that Lawngtlai District Police Force should have its own forensic team.

Three officers namely ASI Albert Lalramthianghlima, H/C F.Lalrokhuma and C/ David Lalrosangpuia were sent to Forensic Science Laboratory, Aizawl and they were trained at (i) developing and lifting of chance print (ii) taking of 10 digit fingerprint impression and (iii) collection, packing and sending of forensic evidences from the crime scene. These officers were duly trained by the Forensic Science Laboratory Aizawl and after completion of the training, mobile forensic vehicle dedicated only for Lawngtlai DEF was launched yesterday, i.e.23.05.2022.

The trained officers have also been directed to further train their fellow officers in the art and skills of fingerprint lifting and collection of evidence from the scene of crime.